Confidential Approach to AIDS Prevention (CAAP)
Center for HIV/AIDS Information, Counseling, Testing, Care and Support
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About us
Confidential Approach to AIDS Prevention (CAAP) is a national non-profit organisation works in the field of HIV and AIDS since 1996. Centre for HIV/AIDS information, Testing, Counselling, Care and Support is a project of CAAP. It has three core programmes:
A. Voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) with other laboratory services;
B. Care, treatment and support for PLHA and
C. Information and Communication for prevention.
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Our Organisation
Confidential Approach to AIDS Prevention (CAAP) is a national non-governmental organisation based in Dhaka works to reduce vulnerability of people to HIV/AIDS. CAAP received the mandate and technical support from the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) to establish a model quality care, counselling and treatment centre for PLHA. CAAP provides viable, forward-looking solutions for PLWA by providing Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) and Voluntary Counselling and Testing for high-risk groups. CAAP promotes behaviour change through positive living trainings and strives to improve people’s lives on a sustainable basis.

Our core competency
CAAP’s core competency is in providing ART to the HIV/AIDS patients, and counselling and treatment for PLHIV. Doctors trained home and abroad provide treatment in a regular basis. CAAP also has considerable experiencing in running specific tests including CD4 cell count through its well-equipped laboratory.

Who We Work With
CAAP is based in Dhaka with inter-district activities. It was founded in 1996 with the funding from Swiss Agency for development and Cooperation (SDC). From 2001 the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) provides technical and financial support to CAAP. Since then the SRC has been the major funder of CAAP. To provide support to the PLHIV CAAP is also working through a consortium of four local organisations and receiving in kind support from the GFATM.

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