Confidential Approach to AIDS Prevention (CAAP)
Center for HIV/AIDS Information, Counseling, Testing, Care and Support
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Reduce vulnerability to and control the transmission of HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh.

Our vision
To become a recognised ART specialised quality care, counselling and treatment centre for PLHIV.

Our goal
Reduce vulnerability to and minimize the impact of HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh.

1. To increase the perception of risk of HIV/AIDS infection
2. Facilitate access to and uptake of VCT services
3. Provide sustainable quality care, counseling, treatment and support services to HIV infected and affected people
4. To become a recognized center of excellence in providing care and support to PLHA.

Strategic priorities
1. Prevention of transmission of HIV
2. Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) of blood
3. Care, Treatment and Support including ART
4. Strategic collaboration with government health services
5. Institutional development

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